Transport of plants

Many fans of plants exchange seedlings to enlarge the collection. Therefore, our company deals with the transport of plants. Transported seedlings must be resistant to the several dozen hour long journey. The correct packing of plants is important. We can help in this matter and advise you how to protect the plant for the travel.

First of all, during transportation the plant should be ensured with the adequate moisture of the root ball. Also the proper space is important, not to damage the leaves, flower and stem. The plant must be properly secured in the package, so that it does not move during transportation.

Transport of seedlings most often takes place without the pot and soil. This is reflected in the price of the service. Also well rooted plants, after scotching of the soil can be sent by this method. Plant roots should be wrapped in the newspaper or paper towel, and then well soaked with water. Roots secured like this with a wet towel are again wrapped, this time with foil, which prevents the loss of moisture.

Everything should be packed to the cardboard box and secured against moving. The free space should be filled with clippings of paper, foil or Styrofoam.

Seedlings can be sent in pots or with a root ball, this way of transport ensures the plant with greater comfort. While the large shipping weight can increase the costs of transportation. Pots with the seedling, as well as the root ball, must be properly soaked with water and secured with foil. It is also important to properly pack everything into the cardboard. Everything should be secured against moving. Of course you can send plants in pots, which are especially adapted for this purpose.

When transporting plants the short delivery time is important. The availability of the suitable cars and employment of experienced drivers makes us able to ensure a quick transport.

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